What is DQ?

DQ helps dev agencies to grow their businesses

We care about dev agencies. We do understand the unique challenges that come with building these special type of businesses. Our mission is to enable agencies to run and scale their companies in a painless, predictable way. Whether it is about finding new leads or developers, service positioning or global partnerships, we are preparing DQ to be the one-stop solution for all the dev agency problems.


The quarterly reports are being built in cooperation with dev agencies all across the world and designed to provide business and tech decision makers with strategic insights and actionable data about the enormous talent pool offered by agencies.

The purpose is providing agencies with a steady flow of fitting opportunities.

The reports will be free for everyone and all the participating dev agencies will have access to the incoming opportunities.


DQ's availability report anonymously lists all the available developers and their details.


Analysis of skills, seniority, location and experience with certain technologies, tools or industries.


See exact pricing with all the possible ways that particular team could work with you.

Direct access

Agencies with available developers can be contacted with RFPs directly through DQ

For Agencies

Join the world's largest dev agency report! Get your agency featured regularly, receive a steady flow of leads and find partner agencies to extend your team when necessary.